Majorsell Magazine

There have been a lot of recent changes at Majorsell so what better way to share them with you than with a new magazine full of information about our new products ranges!

Majorsell Limited manufactures an extensive range of repair kits for airbrake parts fitted to truck and buses, all of which are designed and built in our UK factory.

Majorsell supplies new and rebuilt compressors. Our remanufacturing workshop is located in our new premises at West Bromwich and has recently been extended.

Air brake products from Majorsell are suitable for most popular airbrake installations on the majority of trucks and buses, including Volvo, Scania and DAF.

Our range includes most items from compressors and associated air brake control valves.

In addition, Majorsell provides a range of components, including pistons and piston rings, both standard and oversize, for airbrakes used in the repair of most air brake systems made by original manufacturers such as Knorr, Wabco, Haldex and Bendix. A large selection of alternative air brake parts is available including cylinder heads, crankshafts, conrods, valve plates, sump plates and caps, endcovers, etc.

To assist customers, we also supply a wide range of nuts, bolts, washers, pipe couplings, hoses etc used in the assembly of repaired units.

Majorsell also produces a comprehensive range of pneumatic disc brake caliper repair kits. Majorsell's caliper components fit all major brands of airbrake calipers, including Meritor, Brembo, Knorr and Wabco.

Majorsell is now also offering truck parts including clutch kits, suspension parts, water pumps, bearings and accessories such as wiper blades and marker boards from brands such as Valeo, PE and MOOG.