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Majorsell Spring Brake Chambers


When considering new products within the business, we at Majorsell like to take on board the views and demands of its customers, and that’s exactly what we did when embarking on our latest project – brake chambers.

Although Majorsell already stocked a comprehensive range of genuine Knorr and Wabco brake chambers we felt that the area was missing something: an alternative option. The genuine product range is very successful but we knew by listening to our customers that they wanted more: more in the way of range, more in the way of cost saving and more in the way of service. They wanted all of this without compromising the quality and rightly so. We listened and delivered exactly what they asked for - an alternative option.

We are pleased, after months of trial and testing, to announce the introduction of our brand new range of brake chambers. Offering considerable cost savings our ever-expanding brake chamber range promises to be second to none. 

Our ranges services all makes of truck, trailer and bus applications, whether disc or drum, and ew part numbers are being introduced on a monthly basis. Combine this with superb sales and technical support and we will soon become the centre of excellence for brake chambers. 

Contact us for more information on our extensive Brake Chamber range or on 0121 544 0951