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Majorsell is a leading UK based distributor of top quality air brake components ranging from twin cylinder air brake compressors to the smallest washer and seal for the repair of most air brake components made by OE suppliers including Voith, Haldex, Knorr, Wabco, Bendix, Clayton, Cummins and Midland.

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Registered in England No. 1508664
VAT No. 559034825

Our History

Majorsell founded: Coventry, England.

In its initial stages, the company specialised in restoring and repairing pneumatic valves, compressors, and brake cylinders. This early focus laid the foundation for the company's reputation as a skilled and dependable expert in pneumatic system maintenance.

Larger workshop facility

Market success and increasing demand for services offered by MAJORSELL led to the company acquiring a new, larger workshop facility. The company began to serve customers from all over Great Britain, and the employment reached 50 people.


Repair kits and components for pneumatic brake systems

MAJORSELL has started the production of repair kits and components for pneumatic brake systems. Originally, the repair kits were only used for their own needs, but due to high demand, the company soon began selling to other UK remanufacturers.