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Reman Compressors

Remanufactured Air Compressors


At the foundation of Majorsell’s great product offering is our considerable range of air brake compressors for trucks, buses and off-road vehicles, covering most major brake manufacturers like Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex.

Customers can specify either a new replacement OE unit, a excellent quality Majorsell branded new assembly or a remanufactured compressor produced in our first-class on-site engineering facility, approved to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards Majorsell branded compressors are fully remanufactured using a process that incorporates many years of research and development, enabling our technicians to consistently produce rebuilt units with a performance and service life that meet or exceed OE. 

Several factors make  this process unique to Majorsell, not least being that we start with only the best quality old units, hand-picked from our extensive stocks of old core, rejecting any with damaged or worn out casings. During stripping all wearing parts, the gaskets and seals are discarded and in one of six individual inspection stages the remaining parts are checked before going  on to be thoroughly cleaned, shot-blasted and painted where applicable.

On re-assembly, only components that meet our stringent quality standards are used, with new pistons and liners fitted in 100% of our rebuilds - cylinders are re-bored and honed for the first oversized pistons where no liner sleeves are fitted. Following re-assembly our remanufactured compressors are fully tested, undergo a final inspection and are then securely packed so that they arrive safely, on time and ready to fit.

We believe that the care and expertise built in to every one of our remanufactured compressors sets their quality way above that of many of our competitors’ products - a quality that is guaranteed by our very own comprehensive guarantee.