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PE Spare Parts

Key to Majorsell’s growing success as a distributor of air braking products and truck components is its choice of dependable products and the best manufacturer suppliers in the industry, such as German company PE Automotive.

As well as a specific focus on PE steering pumps, water pumps, c ab tilt and lighting, Majorsell is continuously adding more PE products such as flywheels, brake drums and shock absorbers to a rapidly growing stockholding, replenished by weekly consignments from PE in Germany.

PE Automotive GmbH has a well-earned reputation for providing a wide of great value, OE quality commercial vehicle components to markets across the world at industry-leading prices, resulting in the PE brand being widely trusted by fleet operators and repairers. Now part of the BPW Group, PE Automotive plans a rapid expansion of its already extensive range whilst continuing to develop all new products in its own R&D facilities to maintain the highest safety and quality standards.

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