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Voith Compressors

Majorsell And Voith Join Forces

The leading European bus transmissions specialist Voith Turbo has recently chosen Majorsell as the sole UK distributor of Voith compressors in the truck & bus aftermarket, granting Majorsell the exclusive rights to distribute all Voith compressors through over 400 CV factors. Majorsell’s history and background is very much based on being specialists in air brakes and compressors which makes this an ideal partnership and a valuable addition to our product range.

Voith compressors provide some specific advantages such as lower fuel consumption, low emissions, consistently high air quality, and significantly longer duty cycles. The unique intercooling system reduces power uptake during delivery and at the same time the compression temperature drops allowing longer duty cycles and increased air delivery per hour. Better air quality leads to a longer life for the air braking system.

Many truck operators may not be aware that their vehicles are fitted with Voith compressors, however these high quality, specification units are proven products in the global truck market, having been fitted as original equipment to Mercedes Benz Actros, Antos and Arocs trucks for about five years and having also been extremely successful on many bus applications which require a much heavier duty air production cycle than trucks.

Previously Voith compressors have only been available directly through the vehicle manufacturers’ dealer networks, however Majorsell Ltd are now able to provide a genuine Voith replacement quickly from stock, directly through a local outlet and at a competitive price.

The Voith Solution

Low energy consumtion

The innovative idling systems of Voith compressors ensure low energy consumption when not in delivery mode.

Longer duty cycles

Thanks to an innovative cooling concept, Voith compressors boast longer duty cycles, reaching up to an impressive 85%.

Significant weight reduction

The incorporation of die-cast aluminum in Voith compressors results in a substantial reduction in weight, consequently leading to an enhanced load capacity.

Lower fuel consumption

Voith introduces a remarkable advancement in fuel efficiency, offering a significant reduction in fuel consumption of up to 1 liter per 100 kilometers.

Energy recovery

Voith introduces an innovative energy recovery system that harnesses the power of braking and coasting modes.

Better air quality

Voith's revolutionary approach to air systems brings forth improved air quality, consequently leading to a higher availability of the air system.

Originally developed with Volvo engineers for their Euro 6 engine, Voith compressor’s first OE fitment in the UK bus market was in 2014 in 25 Lothian Bus Gemini 3 double deck buses, with Volvo B5TL Euro 6 chassis. Since then Voith compressors have proved extremely successful in bus operations, demanding a much heavier duty air delivery cycle than trucks, where the compressor is working all of the time.

The lightweight, LP490 two-cylinder Euro 6 compliant compressor has now also been fitted as original equipment to a number of Mercedes Benz truck applications for more than five years. Voith’s innovative technology delivers a range of important advantages including reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, consistently high air quality & significantly longer duty cycles.

VOITH Compressors Remanufactured with OE VOITH parts

We are delighted to be able to offer the official reman Voith Euro 5&6 compressors!

Technical Support from Experienced Professionals

Majorsell is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our team of professionals boasts years of caliper experience and technical expertise. Whether you have inquiries, require assistance, or need guidance, our dedicated support team is here to help you every step of the way.

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